Our Mission Action Plan (MAP) is a living document ever evolving.

Our 5-year vision is that by 2026 our parish will be recognised as a growing, caring community of people who have responded to the good news of Jesus and offer excellence in both traditional and contemporary forms of worship.

Our five-year goal: is to have an average weekly attendance of 40 at St John’s; 120 at All Hallows’.

Our hope and goals are divided into 4 main areas to make it easier. Sharing hope, vibrant faith, inspiring workshop and caring community.

Sharing hope includes us sharing our Christian faith with others. We seek to do this by preparing ourselves to be better at sharing and having events to which we can invite people. Regular parish teas and the new website are part of us sharing hope.

Vibrant faith. Our main goal is to be growing as disciples of Christ – and to be seen and practise our faith as core parish business. We offer courses, link to others via Facebook and celebrate with a variety of services both in the church and in other venues.

Inspiring worship. We aim to offer two distinct inspiring styles of worship.
1. St John’s as a centre of excellence for traditional Anglican worship and sacred music.
2. All Hallows’ offering a more traditional and a contemporary service each week.

We are working on easier access and audio-visual improvements for people with disabilities to participate in worship and fellowship activities.

We have a combined service 4 times a year (every 5th Sunday) and this is where our worship will be more innovative and inspiring– so watch this space! Combined services offer the opportunity for prayer for healing, and annointing with holy oil.

Caring community.

We want to be recognised as a caring parish. To this end we are concentrating on several areas at the moment – praying for Ukraine, greening our parish, caring for creation and each other and lastly advocating and working together for social justice.
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These are our 4 hopes and goals. How would you like to contribute?